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Podcast with Rebecca Jobson, Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice and Rachel Divers, Sodexo

Rebecca Jobson, Head of Fundraising at Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice and Rachel Divers, Sales Manager at Sodexo, Newcastle United Football Club are both studying the Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Change with the University of Sunderland and they recently joined Sara Jolly on one of the University’s mini podcasts.

On the podcast Rachel and Rebecca give a great insight into their course. They explain about their initial contact with the University of Sunderland and the ESF administration team, the support they have been given and of course how this opportunity will help them within their chosen careers.

Both businesses aim to increase the number of staff accessing the various funded courses that are available. Their interest in the vast portfolio of courses is plain to see alongside the value in having these courses fully funded for their staff is very important, after quite at tough time for each business over the past few months.

Rebecca and Rachel also both agreed that this particular course, which offers 60 University credits on successful completion, is going to be worthwhile to further their own education and professional development.



For more information or to book any of the courses below please contact the ESF team on 0191 515 3361 or email

Date Course Title Course Overview
03-Nov Creativity and Innovation – 1 Day This short course offers an introduction to creative problem-solving techniques.  The course explores, what is a problem, how can we address simple and complex problems. It explores traditional brain models for problem solving and how and why these are limiting. You will experience the benefits of creative thinking and the benefits of cognitive and creative problem-solving.You will get the opportunity to practice new techniques such as Force Fit Triggers, Imaging, Morphological Analysis, and introduction to the use of Synectic techniques.
06-Nov Judgement and Decision Making – 1 Day  The session aims to improve your understanding of how you and others make decisions and learn techniques to develop your leadership effectiveness in both personal and professional contexts.

The course provides the opportunity to reflect upon your professional practice and your behaviour and effectiveness in a work setting.

13-Nov Emotional Intelligence – 1 Day The course provides the opportunity to reflect upon your professional practice, your behaviour and effectiveness in a work setting, to enhance your performance and provide some increased understanding of yourself and your aspirations.​
17-Nov LGBTQ+ Microagressions (Virtual) The masterclass is held over 2 half days or can be held on the same day –
Masterclass 1 – Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Spaces
This masterclass delves into the nuances of creating inclusive environments and offers practical insights for individuals, organisations and communities. This half-day (4-hour) interactive session will draw on contemporary research, government legislation, and lived experience to provide a holistic understanding of the moral and legal duties in the workplace.Masterclass 2 – Supporting Trans and Gender-Diverse People
This masterclass aims to foster inclusivity, understanding, and empathy while addressing the unique challenges faced by the trans and gender-diverse community.

Throughout the half-day (3.5-hour) masterclass, participants will delve into a wide range of topics related to trans and gender-diverse identities. The course begins by exploring the fundamental concepts of gender identity, including an examination of the various terms and language used within the community.

29-Nov Mental Health and Intervention for Managers This course is designed for leaders, managers and interested peers working in any sector who are responsible for supporting staff who might be struggling with their mental health.
CLOSED COHORTS AVAILABLE – MIN OF 30. GET IN TOUCH FOR AVAILABLE DATES Menopause Awareness in the Workplace This masterclass will educate everyone as to what to expect when the menopause happens, in a fun and engaging way.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to support their own colleagues and families. To enable creative solutions as to how organisations might manage their people through menopause and how to offer the best support. Everyone is encouraged to play an equal part in their own wellbeing and anyone experiencing the menopause should be able to leave with a plan of their next steps.

VARIOUS DATES Recognition of deteriorating patient (Sepsis) OOH/community – Registrants & Non-Registrants Sepsis: A timeline
Pathophysiology of sepsis and septic shock
Early Recognition
Rapid assessment and communication
Sepsis in primary care and OOO: Case studies
Sepsis: the aftermath
VARIOUS DATES Adding Years to Life – Registrants & Non-registrants Increasing life expectancy in the United Kingdom, whilst a positive reflection of an advancing society also presents challenges with regard to the increasing risk of frailty due physiological change, social change and the rising incidence of long-term conditions. Frailty poses multiple challenges in an ageing society reflected in increasing mortality risk for the individua and healthcare cost for society.

With a focus on movement, physical activity and exercise, this series of workshops will explore a person-centred approach to ‘adding life to years’ from a holistic perspective.

Interactive workshops will combine theory and practice within a participatory, practical approach. There will be an opportunity to engage with practical exercise / physical activity sessions including case study driven workshops and to work with members of the University’s Patient, Carer and Public Involvement Group.

Workshops will be led by Dr John Stephens and Iwona Trzecinska. John has a background in working with rehabilitation services for older people in the NHS and Iwona as a strength, balance and conditioning specialist with Age UK.

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