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Menopause Training expression of interest

Menopause Training expression of interest


University of Sunderland are looking to procure short course Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Menopause Training.

The provision will need to be delivered within the Developed area of the North East LEP (Northumberland and Tyne and Wear), and all work must be complete and claimed prior to the 31st December 2023.  The maximum value for this opportunity is £24,999 inclusive of VAT.

All Submissions need to be emailed to Jackie Nicholson no later than Close of Business on 7th July 2023.

All submissions will be assessed by an assessment panel within the University and all applicants will be notified no later than Friday 10th July 2023.


We are looking for expression of interests from providers that offer Menopause provision. We are particularly interested in short course delivery which could support and inform employers and employees of the challenges faced by women who are going through the menopause.  In addition to this we are keen for the delivery to cover the impact and side effects that the menopause has on individuals.

Qualitative – Responses will be evaluated and scored on a scale of 0-5 using the following methodology:

The score will be divided by the total score available (i.e.5) and then multiplied by the weighted criteria against each response/sub criteria to create a total score.


Assessment Score Interpretation
Excellent 5 Proposal meets the required standard in all material respects and exceeds some or all of the major requirements.
Good 4 Proposal meets the required standard in all material respects and exceeds some of the requirements.
Acceptable 3 Proposal meets the required standard in all material respects.
Minor Reservations 2 Proposal falls short of achieving expected standard in a number of identifiable respects.
Serious Reservations 1 Proposal significantly fails to meet the standards required, contains significant shortcomings and/or is inconsistent with other proposals.
Unacceptable 0 Completely fails to meet required standard or does not provide a proposal.





Expression of Interest questions

Q1 Can you provide evidence of your experience, understanding and knowledge of Menopause provision.

(15%) Maximum 250 words






Q2 Can you outline how you would promote the NE Workforce Skills Programme and how would you engage with employers to release their employees for upskilling.

(25%)  Maximum 250 words





Q3 Can you explain how you would propose to deliver the training and how many days/hours the delivery would be over

(20%) Maximum250 words.





Q4 Any added value to your delivery that hasn’t been previously detailed.

(15% )Maximum 250 words



Q5 Please provide costings for the delivery you are proposing (25%) no word count.

Menopause CPD Delivery

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