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Making a Difference with Training From Seta

Staff from New Enterprise Studios CIC have recently benefitted from training delivered by Seta through North East Workforce Skills programme.

Wayne Madden

Studio Manager, New Enterprise Studios CIC

Why did you choose Seta?

A fortuitous meeting with a representative of North East Ambition let us know that we qualified for ESF funded training. As a result, we investigated ways that we could improve the level of knowledge in our current workforce and obtain qualifications that would be beneficial and relevant to the business. I was made aware of an ‘Emergency First Aid’ course and, although I’d done previous courses in the past, I’d never been able to gain a formal accreditation from them and it was extremely useful to go over the details I’d learnt before to refresh my memory.

What training have you accessed?

Emergency First Aid, 1 Day Course, Level 3 NVQ Certification held at Seta in Washington.

Was it easy to access the training?

Yes, very easy to access.

In terms of accessing the ESF Funding through North East Workforce Skills, how easy was that process?

I found the entire process very efficient and straight forward. Naturally, there was some paperwork to complete and ID checks, but this just reassured you that it was a well-run operation. Everything North East Workforce Skills needed to know about the business they were able to obtain from either myself or our public records. The training was then provided by Seta through the North East Workforce Skills Programme.

What did you like about the training?

I found the First Aid session very engaging and informative. The training that was provided was clear and concise and Alan, our tutor, was an excellent speaker and was very motivated. Everything I learned on the course is relevant to my job and I’m really excited to apply my new-found knowledge of First Aid to several areas of my role. Even if I never need to use the skills I’ve learnt, which in this case is the ultimate hope, it’s great to have the confidence that I can draw upon this knowledge if I need to. Also, the information about relevant Government legislation and practices was extremely useful and made me aware of the proper lines of communication in certain situations.

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