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Making a Difference with Training From Code

Staff from Go-centric have recently benefitted from training delivered by Code through North East Workforce Skills programme.

Francesca Jalai

Skills Programme Manager, Go-centric

Why did you choose Code?

We were actually already working with Code, the company currently delivers our apprenticeships. Based on the positive feedback received from other staff I was intrigued as to what Code could offer in the realm of short, informative training courses. Code’s stellar reputation was a big deciding factor in us partnering with the company and I highly recommend the services the Centre of Digital Excellence provides.

In terms of accessing the ESF funding through North East Skills, how easy was the process?

I found the whole process very efficient. Prior to staff enrolling, Code completed a taster Q&A which gave the wider team a basic understanding of what was involved and really kick-started everyone’s interest in the course before the wheels were set in motion. Overall, the process was totally hassle-free.

What did you like about the training?

I found the Microsoft Office session very informative. The training that was provided was clear and concise. Everything I learned on the course is relevant to my job and I’m really excited to apply my new-found knowledge of Microsoft Office to several areas of my role. From a range of shortcuts, to various tools, the tips I have picked up will help me massively with my time management and professional development.


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