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Fully Funded Training – No There Isn’t a Catch!

The North East Workforce Skills Programme is aimed at levelling up workforce skills of over 17,500 employees in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland by September 2023.

The project supports employers to access the tools they need to upskill their workforce through the consortium’s wide-ranging offer. Led by the University of Sunderland the consortium of Further and Higher Education providers in the North East includes Access Training Limited, MTC Training, Newcastle College Group, SETA, Code and TDR Training.

Consortium partners are offering a wide range of training from basic skills to Level 7, both accredited and non accredited. Courses include Business Support, Digital and Technology, Engineering, Leadership and Management, Education and Healthcare.

Here are just some of the myths:

MYTH: “If it’s free training, it’s not going to be very good”

TRUTH: All our courses are paid for by the European Social Fund, so they’re not free, they’re fully funded. We’re offering a range of accredited and non accredited courses, all of which are of the highest quality. None of the consortium training providers would offer low quality training.

MYTH: “There has to be a catch, you don’t get anything for free”

TRUTH: There is no catch, all the courses are fully funded, you just have to complete a bit of paperwork to access them.

MYTH: “You can’t offer bespoke training!”

TRUTH: Yes most of our training providers do offer bespoke training, even Newcastle College. Our training providers can work with businesses to create and deliver training that meets their specific needs.

MYTH: “Our company is too big to qualify for fully funded training”

TRUTH: It doesn’t matter how big or small your business to access our fully funded training.

MYTH: “I bet the application process/paperwork is a nightmare”

TRUTH: We use signable online forms so it really doesn’t take that long to complete.

Over 2000 individuals have benefitted from our FULLY FUNDED TRAINING. We’ve worked with over 235 employers in the North East.

Use it or lose it! Employers have until September 2023 to access this fully funded training.

To find out how your business can benefit from our fully funded training see our website: or email

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